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ARKTECH original production technology, quality, and a flexible action on the spectator, has been attested all time.
 We got the approval of the management innovation plan on January 30, 2007.

The management innovation plan is the business plan that included the numerical target about new tackling ( Development of the new merchandise and offering of new service.), and be a system based on "the law regarding the promotion of the new business activity of the smaller business" (in 1999 law No. 18) that the various support are received by obtaining the approval of the Tochigi governor about this plan.
 About the tackling of ISO.
November, 1997 ISO9001/1994
Applicable standard: ISO9001:1994
Attestation range: Design of manufacturing processes and manufacture of precision sheet metal parts.
Authorization organization: UKAS JAB
Examination organization: LRQA
Registered number: 958044
December, 2000 ISO9001/2000
Applicable standard: ISO9001:2000
Attestation range: Manufacture of precision sheet metal parts..
Authorization organization: UKAS JAB
Examination organization: LRQA
Registered number: 958044
The movement to ISO correspondence turns on a full scale in, the 1990's, interior major maker and the flow of acquisition considered to become strong still more.
The match to ISO even, the our company is started in 1992 and the steady activity was continued.
And, it was registered and was attest the head office Mibu factory to the object following the examination based on international standard ISO9001 of the quality management system, in 1997.
It became the registration at the beginning of Japan in a precise sheet metal processing maker.
It is the foreign country subsidiary company of 100% investment and ARKTECH PHILIPPINES, INC. However, the simultaneous acquisition of ISO9001 and ISO4001 are advanced.
In the business in the foreign country, now the acquisition of ISO is becoming common sense and this trend considered to accelerate from now on.
Even if I do it with our company putting up that is going to tackle with the environment improvement activity actively from the position of (manufacturing enterprise for global correspondence), to the policy I go to the maintenance/continuation/improvement of the environment activity diligently.
 The ARKTECH Philippines, Inc. was published in Japan Economic Newspaper.
Published on November 25, 2004

「Philippine Factory Advancement: First of all Precise Sheet Metal Processing」
 Tochigi-ken Industrial Fair Exhibit for 2004 fiscal year.
【Holding Outline】

Name: Tochigi Industrial Fair 2004

Date: From November 18 (Thurs) to November 20, 2004 (Sat)

Holding Place: Maronie plaza (Utsunomiya)

Sponsor: Tochigi Industrial Fair Executive Committee.

Admission fee: Free of charge

Exhibit Content: Introduction of laminated sheet metal products.
ISO stainless signboard.
 2004 Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Integrated Exhibit in Tokyo

【Holding outline】

Date: From September 29 to October 1, 2004
Holding place: Tokyo Big Site East 4 and 5 hole
Exhibition Content:
・ISO9000 consulting support.
・ISO9000 quality document automatic maker software.
・Image guided inspection measurement software.
・Company-developed Production Management System.
・Precise sheet metal products of various difficult-to-bend items.

 2004 Frontier Enterprise Attestation!
The Frontier Enterprise is an enterprise that has an original, excellent technology and product, which receives the attestation from the prefecture. Our company was attested to this system that had been founded in 2003 fiscal year.
Commemoration medal
Attestation card
Tochigi Prefecture frontier corporate attestation souvenir picture in 2004
(July 23, 2004 Tochigi diplomatic establishments)
 The Commerce and Industry Association Management Quality Attestation was awarded in 2002.
Our company has the power of aiming self-innovation which correspond to change of market environment flexibly, and attested with the outstanding structure that creates the customer value in customer’s aspect. It was accepted to the Commerce and Industry Meeting as a superior model company in Tochigi Prefecture.
 2002 Saitama Business Exchange Meeting Exhibit.

【Holding outline】

Name: "Saitama business exchange meeting"

The date: October 10, 2002

 Our company was introduced to Commerce and Industry Ream.
Our company was published in Commerce and Industry Ream Bulletin which has a 6 times circulation a year for a Small-Scale Entrepreneur via the Commerce and Industry Association.
Tochigi Commerce and Industry Ream No. 279 Corporate power rank-up enterprise “Introduction for attested enterprise”
ARKTECH Co., Ltd (October 13, 2001 Issue)
 e-TALK introduced our company on April 2004 issue.
"Company interview (ISO certification support business)
Hears from Mr. Yoshio Arakawa of ARKTECH Co., Ltd.
Interview: (foundation) Project division, Tochigi Machinery Integrated Research
(Operation day: March 19, 2001)
 2001 North-East Business Creation Exhibit.

【Holding outline】
Name: "2000 Northeast Business Creation "

Date: November 29 (Thurs) and November 30, 2001 (Fri)

Holding place: Big Palette Fukushima Multi-Purpose Exhibition Hall

Sponsor: Northeast Business Creation Executive Committee.

 Designation for Venture Model Enterprise Promotion Business.
The Prefecture Industrial Promotion Foundation Center clarified to give support to 5 venture companies of the prefecture as they sent the management consultants free of charge. Our company was specified as the one of those 5 five companies.
【Article】 Daily newspaper (August 26, 2002)
"Prefecture Industrial Promotion Center: Dispatch specialists for free to support
the 5 venture companies in Tochigi"
 2000 North-East Business Creation Exhibit.

【Holding outline】
Name: "2000 Northeast Business Creation"

Date: November 29 and November 30, 2000

Place: Big Palette Fukushima Multi-purpose Exhibition Hall.

Sponsor: Northeast Business Creation Executive Committee.

 2000 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Techno Fair Exhibit.

【Holding outline】
Name: "2000 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Techno Fair"

Date: From September 27 (Wed) to September 29, 2000(Fri)
Place: Tokyo Big Site

Sponsor: 2000 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Techno Fair executive committee.

 1999 Tochigi Industrial Fair Exhibit.

【Holding outline】

Name: "2004 Tochigi Industrial Fair"
The date: From November 25 (Thurs) to November 27, 1999 (Sat)
Holding place: Maronie Plaza (Utsunomiya)

Exhibit Contents:
・ISO9000 Consulting Support
・ISO9000 Automatic Quality Document Making Software.
・Image Guided Measuring Inspection Software.
・HACCP Food Safety Hygiene Management Introduction Service Program.
・From 3D CAD/CAM Sheet Metal Design to Company Developed Production Management System.
・Difficult to bend precise sheet metal products, and etc.

 The recognition of the small and medium-sized enterprise creation activity promotion method was received in 1998.
About the small-and-medium-sized-enterprises creation activity promoting method.

IIt is a law (Year 1995, Law No. 47) that supports the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises which is formally called “Method of temporary events concerning the promotion of creative business activities of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”, and performs creative active conducts of business. Preferential treatments can be used by receiving the examinations of each support organization (V. Support events based on this law) based on each measures on this law.
 In 1997, Treasury Assistance Business specified the information oriented model enterprise promotion business.
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