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Sheet Metal

We need a processing worker!
Sheet metal processing Worker
Job contents
It is the job of precise sheet metal processing.

EThe processing of the thin board sheet metal part of the electron devices (the ticket machine/automatic examinations of tickets/ATM semiconductor production devices) for industry.
EThe sheet metal processing machine NC processing data preparation machine operator (Turret punch press, laser, vendors, Tig welding, spot welding, the Sanders' dumbbel finish others) by the computer aided design/CAM operator sheet metal drawing (computer aided design data)
ESheet metal product inspection (sheet metal drawing, mMX, inspection experience 1 year for more than)
EThe machine processing engineer (the lathe, machining, wire cut electric discharge, plane grinding etc.)
Application qualification
I request the person, fine bright person who thing make likes.
Necessary qualification
EFor more than 1 year the sheet metal man of experience looks at (the sheet metal drawing where we favor and the one who is able to work with the self)
ERecruitment age 18 years old`60 years old.
EThe employment structure regular member (part, part-time job)
I respond to consultation.
Place of working
Head office factory.
yThe office hoursz8F00`17F00
ySalaryzmonthly income 170,000 yen`220,000 yen raise existence bonus existence.
ySystemzRetirement benefit system transportation expenses supply.
yVacationz@Vacation number of days 116 for (a/the holiday) a/the vacation summer vacation, winter vacation, paid holiday, year.
(Prescription our company calendar by holiday.)
yHealth and welfare benefitz Inside a company premises air conditioning equipment, various kinds social insurance.
yRemarksz@Person who is able to do not loathe the person, healthy person, overtime work, holiday attendance that are docile (remarks) fine bright person, and have endurance.
Machine processing Worker

(Jig and Processing of the simple metallic mold and the like)
Job contents
It is the job of the machine processing of the blacksmith's tools, simple metallic mold and the like.
Mainly, it does the processing of simple metallic mold and the like with the production and also wire cut, plane grinding disk etc. of Jig tool for processing by using wide use milling machine wide use lathe etc.
@Necessary qualification
It depends on machine processing and the experience of the production of the blacksmith's tools and the like 3 years for more than Or, the one who is admitted that there is the capacity of as that is equal.
Place of working
Head office factory.
Techno service

We recruit the techno service department engineer!
machine /
electricity system Worker
(Regular member)
Job contents
It is the job that does the machine design / repairs / improvements / reconstruction / equipment movement / maintenance etc. of the following production company.
Enterprise such as machine processing / assembly / heat treatment / plating coating processing.
EThe automation of the processing machine.
(the proposal / production / reconstruction / repair)
EThe equipment movement of processing and also assembly line.
(The dismantling / movement / wiring / assembly / trial run)
EThe improvement of inside a company premises physical distribution.
(The production of lineup jig / transport tray buckets)
Application qualification
The person who likes making product and be able to work in fine on Saturday, Sunday and national holiday.
Necessary qualification
EMan of experience be the one who is able to write.
(the drawing where I favor with a self)
ERecruitment age 18 years old`60 years old.
EKnowledge (The automation design, oil pressure, air pressure sequence) and experience of automation.
ESkill machine processing (The lathe, milling machines, finish) wiring plumbing welding (Half automatic, Tig, gas) the others.
EPossibility that consult the employment structure regular member.
Place of working
Factory the client (The distance in 1`2 hours) and the inside a company premises.
yOffice hoursz@8F00`17F00
ySalaryz@monthly income 170,000 yen` raise existence bonus existence.
(Salary decides by the experience.)
ySystemz@Retirement benefit system transportation expenses supply.
yHoliday / vacationz@Vacation number of days 116 for a summer vacation, winter vacation, paid holiday, year.
iHoliday depends on the client holiday and also our company calendarj
yHealth and welfare benefitz Various kinds social insurance.
machine /
electricity system Worker
(A part-time job)
Job contents
Various kinds automation design, productions and also maintenance of the equipment within the factory of the major enterprise.

Automatic processing machine, assembly machine, conveyance device relation / package design, system design, circuitry, incorporation soft development, machine part processing.

Production, installation work of the above devices.

The layout change (Movement of equipment, wiring, software changes) of the above devices.
Necessary qualification
EOver the technical high school / university (The faculty of liberal arts / reason system unquestion) graduation.
E As for the industry unman of experience, 22 years old`the man of experience wa be to the 22 years old`65 years old place.

[Any experiences and knowledge of the following even a little of be the one who hold]
Foundation of a machine / electricity / electron / information system.
Development such as the robot, sequencer, personal computer control software.
Control circuitry such as the mechatronics devices.
Machine design such as the mechatronics devices.
Machine part processing (The milling machine, lathes, drilling machine etc.)
Place of working
Head office and also client enterprise tip.
[ The office hours ]
On Saturday / on Sunday / the business at the time of the operation pause of the client enterprise such as the national holiday / holiday.

8F00`17F00 (There is nighttime work)
Follow the client.

[ Salary ]
Daily wage 5000 yen`25,000 yen
(Decision our company prescription by experience, ability etc. in consideration of hire men on experience and ability.)

[ The others ]
The overtime pay.
Transportation expenses supply.

[ Employment structure ]
Part-time job.

We need the overseas assigned personnel!
Foreign country factory operation representative
Job contents
EMetal press, Manager of a precise sheet metal processing plant.
EOwn company factory of the Philippines (100% investment) Application representative of the factory who processes the press sheet metal part.
EWe ask to take charge of the generalization/labor management, production/quality control of the location person worker engineer.
EFactory of the location is in a large-scale industrial complex and the local staff about 80 people.
Application qualification
It is the experience, fine bright person over the manager in the English power, production plant of the business level.
Necessary qualification
EThe foreign country factory service man of experience of the maker favors it.
ERecruitment age 35 years old`60 years old.
Place of working
ndustrial Park 2, Calamba City, Laguna, Philippines.
(1 hour from Manila)
ySelectionzDocument selection/easy test aptitude test/interview.
yThe application methodzApplication personal history form by mail.
Telephone communication or personal history (with photograph) hope duties contents stipulation please mail the duties record (form freedom) to the following head office aim.
In due course we communicate the details. Furthermore we do not return the application document.
yThe information termz@At any time.

Our company receives the internship.
Please apply from the following sites if you hope for details.
Internship synthesis siteInternship synthesis site
Internship synthesis site
[ The aim in the internship ]
EBy knowing the job the desire that works is raised.
EItfs bring up the desirable viewpoint / thought to labor and job.
EThe opportunity that thinks the course is made.
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