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Please feel free to consult us for estimation if there are any uncertain points.
Inquiry of by phone
 We are receiving all the question with regard to sheet metal
 and Jig and Washing basket only by phone!

 Please call me to our company readily!
 Also, with the person who is hurrying it in mail an anxious person shall call directly.

  TEL 0282-86-0276  FAX 0282-86-0365

 ※The business hours are 8:00〜17:00.
   Please confirm a business day with the
business day calendarbusiness day calendar.
   Please acknowledge it because correspondence becomes
   the next business day in the case of the inquiry in business overtime.
Inquiry of by mail
 Please use the inquiry form in our company.
 However, please pay attention, because We are receiving it only by phone
 in the case of sheet metal and Jig and washing basket.

 You are not able to use the following mail form.

 As for the inquiry with regard to the others, please use the following mail form.
 (* is necessary)

 ■ Question item *
 ■ Office name
 ■ Name *
 ■ ZIP code *
 ■ Address *
 ■ TEL *
 ■ FAX
 ■ E-mail Address *
 ■ Type of business
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