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Sheet metal
Laminated sheet metal
Can making
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Laminated sheet metal
Machine processing To sheet metal!
Solid form! High accuracy with a low cost!
yProduct layer sheet metal processingz
The product layer sheet metal processing of our company has materialized the following merit, by accumulating the metal plate that was processed and was press in place of cutting machine processing!
High productivity
The short time for delivery
Cost-down vastly
keeping of accuracy
High strength
Special form
Hollow structure
Absorb of frequency
Addition of a high function
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We suggest laminated sheet metal that
creation of the solid form with pile of sheet.
ythe Laminated productz
Possibility that produce the system part simply
Paper guide
Stainless steel 4 sheets
Circle hole/Reamer processing
Production possibility even a big form
Long Shaku of a large modulei3j
Automatic gate part
Aluminum and stainless steel 4sheets
Position accuracy0.025
flatness0.05iThe entire surfacej
Industrial devices part
yThe product layer metallic moldz@
Changing to the metallic mold of machine cutting processing I propose the product layer metallic mold. Depending on a simple practical use metallic mold the low cost short time for delivery is materialized! It is many achievements of bending processing metallic mold and, diaphragm processing metallic molds.
Processing product case by the product layer metallic mold.
yProduct layer methodz@
Product layer method is decided by the usage and use environment, accuracy, demand strength of the product.
Screw stopping
Tightening power is able to secure it relatively, with that other parts cling.
Rivet(Shade rivet etc.)
Rivet piniHigh accuracy with the cutting pinj
Incorporation Rivet
(In the case that there are few product layer number of sheets effective)
In the case that the sticking of the board is demanded and in the case that strength is necessary.
Epoxy(High strength)
Flexibility glueiVibration absorptionj
Anaerobiotic glue
Light hardening
Cohesion seal
Product layer of the different material is possible.
(x`f and TigWelding)
Dispersion joining
(Joining by heat and pressure)
Besides please consult it because there is a development case,
although I am not able to announce here!
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