@Production of jig for lining up jig / transportation made by stainless steel! A washing basket, an ultrasonic cleaning basket, a sterilization basket etc..
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Jig/Washing basket
Line jig/palette
Washing basket
Heat-treatment basket
Sterilization jig
Stainless steel

Washing basket
It produces it in accordance with the needs
and part form of the customer!
EStainless steel

Net@EWire @ECircle stick
EAbnormal form pipe
EVarious kinds coating
EWashing basket
EPrecise washing
EWashing container
EOptic devices@EFor the industry
EPart of the automobile
EFor the supersonic waves washing machine
EMedical treatment appliance
EFor the research institution
EFor sterilization
EHigh pressure steam washing
EBig John container washing
For the 1 part to about`1 m.
Piling up it special order size, special specification, steps it is possible a production in accordance with the request.

[Product photograph unpublished]

yAccumulation washing basketz
This is a tray for flexible print board washing of a finger-tip.This comes by individual storing decompression washing with an FPC of the thinness of 0.03 o.Therefore I produced gap 0.02 of the partition in less than o.This is ultrasonic cleaning possibility without damaging it with a large quantity of FPCs!
Basket for ultrasonic cleaning airplanes Basket for an automatic machine
yBasket for ultrasonic cleaning airplanes z yBasket for an automatic machine z
Prevention with lining up / the wound of the work.This is a basket to use in a washing machine container.It prevents a huskiness wound at the time of the washing and a stack wound, and it is the special order basket which considered usability.
Size:200~80~40 immj
It is the punching net basket of stainless steel.Strength increased substantially while being the performance equivalent to a net basket by a special hole form.

SizeF220~300~200 immj
Pinch washing jig
Accumulation washing basket
yAccumulation washing basketz yPinch washing jigz
It designs in consideration of the product shape, the size, and abstergent, and it produces it.The part insertion and the line are done easily by the pocket function that the sheet metal is processed, and the cost has decreased, too.

Size: 310~240~56 (mm)

Inserting it with, 2 sheets of jig boards in accordance with the part forms it washes it.
The part even the vibration in the washing and removal does not work.
Three-dimensional image design OK!
Based on a used basket, I change remodeling and shape / a production method of it now, and we suggest function addition, cost reduction with a solid image.
Turn washing basket
Turn washing basket
yTurn washing basketz

Turn basket for the barrel washing.
Inserting the part to the net type of the corner it fixes it to the turn basket.
Pipe basket
Wire basket
yWire basketz yPipe basketz

It is the basket that was assembled with the stainless steel circle stick and stainless steel wire mesh.

It is, the high strength basket for an important figure part washing that was assembled with the stainless steel pipe.
Dehydration drying with the high speed turn.
Hexagon turn washing basket Partition washing basket
yHexagon turn washing basketz yPartition washing basketz

@[The part of the basket]
We can produce a special order basket of various shape!
Size:280~200~40 immj
Small part washing basket Microminiature column basket
ySmall part washing basketz yMicrominiature column basketz
The cover is removable. One clap lock sticks. Palm size.
This basket is small, and there is strength. It has a handle. I can produce even this size from one!
Size:Diamete 30~Height 50 immj
Ultra small size washing basket Food processing basket
yFood processing basketz
yUltra small size washing basketz

It is possible this easily although it takes out it because the cover opens and closes it largely. The partition in the product is an operation ceremony.

The mesh be the small nets of 0.7 milliliters. Supersonic waves possibility. There is strength with the stainless steel board.
Small size washing basket(Net) Small size washing basket(Panting)
ySmall size washing basket(Net)z ySmall size washing basket(Panting)z
It is such a basket that washes the small article electron part.

Size:70~70~70 immj
It is such a basket that washes the small article electron part.

Size:70~70~70 immj
Cylinder style washing basket
Cylinder style washing basket
yCylinder style washing basket z
This is light and be an excellent washing basket to strength.
This is not using the net and wire. There be strength and be a characteristic to be difficult to get worse.

SizeF250~600 immj@Hole punchF8o~8o
MaterialFSUS304@WeightFAbout 850 grams
Panting processing!
Separation/conveyance basket
washing basket for small parts
ySeparation/conveyance basket z yWashing basket for small partsz
It is the stainless steel net basket that I am able to store in the container made of a general resin.It is light and be strength. Use durability improves largely and do not break.

Size:The same as resin container size.
It is the product which the drainage of the cleaning fluid has good. 4 have a lock with a click. While I wash it, a cover never opens. iThe cover is removablej
Size:200~80~40 immj
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